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A guy and a girl are in the backseat of his car having sex. The guy says to the girl, "If I had known you were a virgin, I would have taken more time. The girl replies, "Hell, if I had known you had more time, I'd have taken off my pantyhose. Spoiler, please. Louis native says of what's left of her second season on Well, for the first time ever, Jack Bauer does it. It was hard for us to figure out how to do it in real time because he's Jack Bauer.

A post shared by Renee Paquette reneeyoungwwe on Octat pm PDT. Our enthusiasm for Renee is equal to, if not greater than, her enthusiasm for the WWE. This woman loves her job, which makes her a perfect erleader for the company. She told wwe. Stay golden!! goldsheepclothing emeralbay totaldivas.

A post shared by Renee Paquette reneeyoungwwe on Aug 12, at pm PDT. A product of Canada, Renee loves the outdoors, and we love her outdoors fashion choices.

Here she is wearing a revealing leopard print outfit by Goldsheep clothing.

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Monday Night Raw in Omahaaaaaaa!! Let's do this! A post shared by Renee Paquette reneeyoungwwe on May 9, at pm PDT. Renee showed off her best side in this backless little outfit, which she wore for a taping of Monday Night Raw.

The thing that gets us most excited about Monday Night Raw aside from the wrestling, of course is seeing what Renee will be wearing. She devotes an entire section of her website, prettyfunnyblonde. A post shared by Renee Paquette reneeyoungwwe on Apr 14, at pm PDT. Renee has the hottest friends, including Brie Bella and Lana, two of the most gorgeous women in the WWE next only to Young, of course. She credits them with helping her adjust to the reality television life, telling E!

I learned from the best. I got to see how they did it, how they handled the cameras, how they handled the way the show comes together, so I do feel lucky I was able to see that.

Renee joined the main cast of Total Divas for the sixth season after making appearances in seasons four and five. What are the four greatest words in the English language? I told you so? I believe in you? Not quite. We need to talk? Those might be the four worst words in the English language.

Renee might not be involved in the physical side of the wrestling industry, but she certainly has the body of an athlete.

Do I have any training under my belt? She was beaten several times, and nearly raped on one occasion when Laitanan was drunk, until the FBI finally brought down the crew. Almost everyone in the gang was arrested in Renee's operation, including Lugo ElsonVlad's lieutenant; the only one who evaded capture was Laitanan himself. Renee Walker and her colleagues investigated a string of technology thefts carried out by an underground group.

From a surveillance video, she isolated an image of one of the felons, and identified him as Tony Almeida.

Renee Walker: Look, I already told you I didn't come here for this. Vladimir Laitanan: That's what you say, but part of you came here to see me. Admit it. Renee Walker: There's nothing to admit. Vladimir Laitanan: Why is it so hard for you to admit the truth? You want this just as much as I do. Renee Walker: I'm not going to tell you again. Leave me alone and let me get dressed Renee Walker. As a meditation tear, yoga instructor, reiki master, and spiritual life coach, I am deeply passionate about helping you align and elevate your energy level. My purpose is to guide you towards peace while empowering you to discover your inner strength. NOW MORE THAN EVER. LEARN MORE. FOLLOW ALONG FOR MORE WELLNESS ON INSTAGRAM. Stay Connected! Sign up for Renee Walker, a great rock voice a beautiful woman. Renee Walker and her band performed a show in german TV. this is the second song of the show!

Walker had Almeida's grave exhumed, as Tony was believed dead, and DNA testing proved that the body was not his. Walker then made an effort to track down Tony's old partner, Jack Bauerto assist them. With a subpoena for Jack Bauer, Renee and her partner Agent Teller interrupted a Senate investigation in the Russell Senate Office Building led by Senator Blaine Mayer.

She transported Jack to the FBI headquarters and briefed him there about the national security threat presented by Tony Almeida and his group.

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When Jack simply refused to believe that Almeida was still alive, she broke the news to him that the body in Tony's grave was not Tony's own. Despite Jack's constant persistence, Renee said that Tony was involved in some extralegal activities, not working in assistance with any government agency.

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She encouraged Jack to work with Sean Hillinger to track down Tony's whereabouts, which led them to Gabriel Sctora former off-books supplier of Jack and Tony from their CTU days. They went to see Sctor, but he was killed by agents of Tony before he could say anything. Renee and Jack pursued the sniper on their own to make sure that whoever compromised the FBI would tell no one else what they were doing.

Washington Office FBI Director Larry Moss called in to Renee to find out where she was.

24 - Jack \u0026 Renee Day 7

She made up a story about following a lead, but Larry did not seem convinced. Renee and Jack tracked Tanner to a containment ship, where they took him out. Jack managed to shoot out a surveillance camera, which attracted the attention of some of Tony's men, who came out and began to attack Jack and Renee.

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Masters was shot, and Renee and Jack split up inside the ship. Renee found a computer deleting all systems, and was unable to stop the process. Meanwhile, Jack managed to find Tony and chased him outside.

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After an intense fight Jack managed to overpower Tony. Renee arrived and told him that the device was gone. At that moment, Larry arrived after tracking Renee's phone. Renee returns to FBI headquarters with Larry MossJack Bauer and Tony Almeida. Renee, Jack, Tony and Larry returned to FBI headquarters in a chopper.

She witnessed Jack's interrogation of Tony, but did not hear him say the old CTU codeword, which led back to Bill Buchanan. Larry continued the investigation of Tony, but to no avail. Renee suggested more forceful measures of interrogation, but Larry angrily shot her down and told her to get Jack removed from the building. Whilst she was going to Jack, Janis Gold informed her that she had tracked down the FBI mole, something Renee had tasked her on earlier, and would go and find out which user terminal it came from.

Renee asked to be ated as soon as Janis learned anything. Renee went to Jack and told him that they were proceeding without him, but that the FBI owed him a lot as they would not have Tony without him. As Jack signed paperwork for her, he put Renee in the sleeper hold and left her on a desk, taking her gun. Renee regained consciousness and was present whilst the teams tried to stop Jack and Tony getting out the building, but they were unsuccessful and they escaped.

Renee apologized to Larry for trusting Jack. Jack asks Renee if she trusts him. Renee tried to find Jack and Tony by instructing Janis and Sean, but they were being blocked. Tanner woke up at the hospital, and Renee and Janis went to get information from him. After arriving, Renee forced Janis to stall Tanner's lawyers whilst she talked to the suspect. She tortured him until he gave up information about Tony and his plot to capture Sangala Prime Minister Ule Matobo.

She informed Larry, who called Matobo's security team, then sent a backup team. Renee headed over to Matobo's location herself. As soon as she read Matobo's residence, Renee was captured by one of David Emerson 's men, Litvak. Emerson planned to shoot her, but Jack convinced him not to, making up a story about the fact that they may need to interrogate her to find out how much the FBI learned from Tanner.

Emerson finally agreed, and put her in the van with the Matobos. He then called an associate and asked him to ck into the FBI with their inside source and see what was discovered from Tanner.

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When their source replied, Emerson found out that Tanner had provided no details besides Matobo's abduction, Emerson asked Jack to kill Renee.

Litvak pulled up at a construction site on Morrison Avenue. Jack walked Renee from the van and told her to turn around. She demanded that Jack look her in the eyes as he shot her, but he pushed her around and whispered in her ear that if she trusted him, she would survive. Jack shot Renee in her neck, causing her to fall face-first on the ground. He then pushed her into a ditch. He looked down at her as he covered her with a plastic sheet.

Emerson then told Jack and Tony to bury Renee, and so they began to shovel dirt over her as she gave them a shocked and worried look.

Renee was an absolute knockout in this rare beach pic, wearing matching red lipstick and bikini. This photo was taken as part of a promotional shoot for the WWE reality show Total Divas. Joining her on the beach was Nikki and Brie Bella, Lana, and Paige, but we only have eyes for Renee, who stole the show with her curvy-in-all-the-right-places body. Miami Herald called Young a "natural Photos of Annie Wersching, who plays the killed Renee Walker of 24 and tells a joke about having sex too quickly, then explains the 24 Jack Bauer sex sceneEstimated Reading Time: 1 min Renee Walker is the fourth of the five love interest of Jack Bauer to die, the others being Teri Bauer on Day 1, Nina Myers & Claudia Hernandez on Day and Audrey Boudreau on Day 9. Information given in the Operation Hero internet game revealed that Renee's blood type is O Negative. It also reveals that she was 6 at the time of her death, lbs, and was allergic to grass and wasp stings. It

Soon afterward, Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian pulled up in a van and revived Renee. After she became stable, the two explained the situation and the need for her to remain "dark" from the FBI.

She met up with Jack and understandably had reservations about working with him, after he had shot her. Over the course of the next hour, she watd on as Bill and Chloe took charge in their operation, and then assisted them with their raid on Dubaku's hideout at Adams. She used her FBI identification to enter the corporate building, and told the guard that since it was official business, he shouldn't report to anyone about her entry.

She took part in the shootout that followed, and killed Mr. Nichols to prevent him from taking the Matobos as personal hostages. Renee threatens Carol Vossler. Renee returned with the Matobos to Bill's base of operations and agreed with Chloe and Jack that they should look for help from other agencies. When Matobo assured her they could trust President Taylor, he arranged a meeting, and Renee went with Bill and Jack to the White House.

After explaining everything to the President and Ethan KaninRenee convinced Jack to contact Larry for help. After meeting with him, he helped them track rogue agent Edward Vossler. To coerce him into talking, Renee went to Vossler's house and took his wife, Carol and his little baby as hostage.

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After he revealed the location of Dubaku- Arlington Avenue -she and Jack met there and successfully killed all the mercenaries, but not before one of them shot Henry Taylor in the st. Jack called for an ambulance and paramedics came and took Henry away.

Larry called Renee and scolded her for holding Carol Vossler and her baby captive. Renee told him that it pains her to do things like that but it was necessary. When Jack told her that they had Dubaku's location, they went there and found Rosa and Marika Donoso. The latter had been in a relationship with Dubaku without knowing who he really was.

After they revealed Dubaku's violent past, Jack asked Marika to meet with Dubaku so they could catch him. Renee didn't agree at first, but she assured Marika and Rosa that they would be following close. While they were following the car that picked up Marika, they were stopped and detained by several policemen who had a warrant for their arrest issued from the FBI.

Larry determined that the warrant was issued by the mole, and fought to overturn it. Renee was released from custody along with Jack after Larry explained the situation to the police. After getting a new lead on Dubaku, Renee and Jack chase him until Marika causes Dubaku's car to crash, killing her and seriously injuring Dubaku. Renee was visibly shaken up, and was soon confronted by Rosa, causing Renee to have an argument with Jack.

Renee Ann Walker is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Renee Ann Walker and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected

While at the hospital, Dubaku was killed with a lethal injection by Udoone of General Benjamin Juma 's men. Renee followed the lead and read Lambourne Marinaan address at a dock at the Potomac where Juma was assembling his forces.

Renee called Larry and informed him of this but she still didn't have information on the target of Juma's attack. When Juma and his men left in a boat, Renee jumped to the boat and was able to find smatics of the White House. When Dubaku's son, Laurentfound him he followed her trying to kill her.

Renee told her that Juma had lied to him and hadn't tell him his father was dead. At the last moment, Larry arrived and shot Laurent saving Renee. After Juma sieged the White HouseRenee and Larry helped with the coordination of the operations. She also was present during the briefing to Vice President Mitll Hayworth. After Bill Buchanan sacrificed himself to save the President, Larry and Renee ordered the tactical teams inside despite Hayworth's refusal and finished killing the terrorists.

Renee continue helping with the clearing of the building afterwards. When she saw Jack, she expressed her condolences for Bill's death. Jack then told her what Bill said about a pending threat. When they brought this information to Larry and the possibility of further interrogating their only lead- Ryan Burnett -he instead had him arrested.

She tried to convince Larry to do what Jack said and he told him he'll "look into it". Knowing Larry wouldn't do anything, she approad Ethan Kanin about Jack's suspicions and he called Larry authorizing him to release Jack with Burnett. Renee is visibly shaken up, and after being confronted by Rosa, gets into an argument with Jack, where she slaps him.

Wersching commented that a kiss for that moment would be too much of a cliche. At the hospital, Dubaku is killed by an assassin sent by Juma. Renee tracks the assassin which leads her to the Potomac where Juma is assembling his forces.

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When Juma and his men leave, Renee jumps to their boat where she discovers their target to be the White House. During Juma's siege on the White HouseRenee and Larry help coordinate the rescue operations and counterattack. Later, Jack relays intelligence from Bill on another pending threat, but when he and Renee bring this information to Larry, Larry has Jack arrested, stating he'll "look into it". Renee approas Ethan Kaninwho orders Larry to allow Jack to proceed with the investigation. Larry suspends Renee indefinitely, saying he can no longer trust her.

During her suspension, Jack is framed for the murders of Ryan Burnett and Senator Mayer. Jack contacts Renee secretly, so she helps him identify and track the killer. She is discovered, though, when a message is intercepted, and is arrested. She returns to active duty once Jack is cleared of the murders. She is visibly upset when she discovers that Jack has been fatally exposed to the bio-weapon during his attempt to secure it. Afterwards she debriefs Jack back at the FBI headquarters and both of them help to co-ordinate the subsequent raid on the Starkwood compound and Almeida's search for the bio-weapon, eventually resulting in its successful destruction.

Renee also encourages Jack to try the experimental procedure suggested by his doctors; using a sample of genetically compatible stem cells from a close relative may cure him of the pathogen's effects and save his life. Jack refuses treatment and Renee looks into his file.

Renee walker naked

When Kim calls looking for her father, Renee explains the situation to her without Jack's knowledge, upsetting him and causing an emotional clash. After Larry Moss is killed by Almeida and Galvez in their successful theft of the last canister of the bio-weapon, she is visibly upset and personally leads the search for Galvez, Almeida not having been discovered yet. Renee is inside the abandoned building wired with explosives by Galvez when it explodes, but a warning from Jack saves her.

Summary: Renee Walker's birthday is 05/01/ and is 61 years old. Previously city included New Castle DE. Renee R Woodenwalker, Renee Wooden Walker, Renie L Wooden, Renee L Wooden and Renee W Walker are some of the alias or nicknames that Renee has used. We have lots of information about Renee: religious views are listed as Christian, ethnicity is Caucasian, and political affiliation is Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Renee Walker; 24 character: First appearance: Day 7 - Episode 1: Last appearance: Day 8 - Episode Portrayed by: Annie Wersching: Days: 7, 8: In-universe information; Occupation: FBI Special Agent: Renee Walker is a fictional character on the TV series 24, portrayed by Annie Wersching. She is an FBI special agent, and appeared in both season 7 and season 8. Concept and creation

After Jack tells her the truth about Almeida, she puts on an APB alert to capture him, though he manages to escape. Renee and Jack later follow up a lead on Jibraan Al-Zarian who they believe may be involved with the terrorists. Eventually they locate and raid Jibraan's house, freeing his brother but are one step behind Almeida and his team, who have already left, having managed to coerce Jibraan into helping them, and are preparing to launch their attack.

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Renee and Jack manage to recapture Almeida, only to have Jack commandeer the vehicle and help Tony escape. As he is doing so, Jack explains that Tony's accomplices have operatives in place, placing his daughter's life in danger, and asks Renee to save her. Renee calls Kim at the airport and warns her about the operatives, but the call is cut off.

As security closes in, a firefight breaks out. Renee arrives to find Kim safe after chasing a surviving operative into a parking garage. With Kim's help, she is able to locate Jack, and goes with a team to rescue him. Renee is able to disarm an explosive device that Tony has attad to Jack, and the two are able to apprehend Tony just as he is about to exact his revenge for his wife's death on Alan Wilson, the head of the conspiracy.

Wilson calmly denies all involvement and refuses to cooperate, so Renee seeks out Jack for advice. She tells him that she knows they do not have a case against Wilson, so he has no reason to cooperate.

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She also knows that if the rest of his organization is not brought to justice they will strike again, and she does not know if she will able to live with herself knowing she could have stopped it.

He tells her that he cannot tell her what to do, as he has been wrestling with those kind of problems all his life. For him, when he sees innocent lives in danger, everything else becomes less important; and he will do whatever it takes to save those lives. He denies regretting anything that he has done today; but reminds her that she works for the FBI.

As such, she has to uphold the law, a law that Jack knows in his mind has to be more important than the innocent lives, but he does not think his heart could bear to see the lives lost.

He tells her the only advice he can give is that she try to make the decisions she can live with. An emotional Renee tells him she does not know what to say, and Jack gently caresses her face and tells her not to say anything.

Jack is then taken to the hospital, and Renee takes Wilson to the FBI headquarters. Renee enters to Wilson's holding room and shuts down all the monitoring equipment. When Janis interrupts with a form for Renee to sign, and refuses to leave when she realizes what Renee intends to do, Renee subdues her, forcing her to handcuff herself.

Despite Janis's pleas, she puts down her FBI badge, enters the holding room, and closes the door. Renee Walker returns in episode 4 of the 8th season and is now a former FBI special agent after an incident with Alan Wilson in season 7 it is implied that she tortured him to near death.

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She is summoned to CTU because of her unique knowledge of the Russian Syndicate in New York after having worked as an undercover agent in their ranks six years prior.

Brian Hastings, the current director of CTU, requests that she resume her undercover identity to set up a competing buy for the nuclear fuel rods President Hassan's brother is attempting to procure. Unhappy with her decision to go back undercover, Jack attempts to convince her that she is too mentally fragile to handle the operation. Despite her inability to return to a normal life, and recent suicide attempt, Renee decides that she will indeed agree to go back undercover.

After Jack fails to dissuade Brian Hastings from allowing Renee to go back undercover, he volunteers his field experience as her partner in the operation. The initial stage of the operation involves locating the head of the Russian Syndicate in New York, a man named Vladimir Laitanin. Renee visits an old accomplice in the mob, who is presently on parole, to convince him to take her and Jack to Vladimir.

After a brief conversation with her contact, he declines to help her because of the monitoring device attad to his arm which is part of the conditions of his parole. She convinces the contact that she is able to remove the device without alerting the authorities. She then proceeds to place her contact's arm in a vise and without warning removes his thumb and the device with a nearby power saw. Upon hearing the contact's screams, Jack rushes into the contacts shop to see what Renee has done and says that she has gone too far.

Jack is persuaded by Renee to continue the mission, and the contact drives Renee to Vladimir as Jack follows.

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Renee is put through a 'test' of sorts by Vladimir, to make sure she is legit. He believes her cover and she is in. She tells Vladimir that she has a buyer for him Ernst Meier, who is Jack undercoversomeone who is interested in fuel rods. He has connections, and she wants him to call them. Laitanin agrees with a steep price of five million to make the calls alone. She excuses herself to use the shower. She tells Jack over comm that she is going dark.

She sleeps with Laitanin to keep her cover. Laitanin reveals to her that his plan is to take the five million 'Meier' is willing to pay for Laitanin's phone calls and kill Meier in the process.

Renee tries to warn Jack, but Vladimir chokes her, taking the phone away from her.

He tells her not to go against him ever again. Meanwhile, Jack is meeting with Laitanin's men, in a parking lot. Jack has agent Ortiz and his men set, so they can take the men out if need be.

Laitanin's men do attempt to eliminate Jack, however Ortiz saves him by eliminating three of the men with support from a sniper on top of a distant building.

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