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Hottest Serena Williams bikini pictures will drive you crazy for her. While we are talking about her performances and the tennis player as a whole, we want to now take you on a ride through a Serena Williams bikini photo gallery. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Serena Williams bikini pictures that will make you fall in love with her. Serena Williams is very sexy and these Serena Williams hot images will leave you drooling. Serena Williams was born on September 26, in the year, and she is a very famous tennis player.

I was like, 'Oh, my God, this is so brilliant,'" she said.

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These Pieces Will Define Style In The aesthetic value of this snap is undeniable as the tennis-queen is flaunting her perfectly sculpted body.

She is looking mesmerizing and pretty in this beach photo as her beautifully toned body and pretty bosom are highlighted by the bikini. The player is radiating power and aggression as she is looking beautiful and fabulous in this outfit.

This image is a fan-favourite as her attractive facial features and charming smile are dominating the capture. This photo of Serena is aesthetically pleasing as her sharp facial features are complimenting her beautiful figure. Red colour is offering her an inexplicable aura and bestowing her tall figure with sensuality as it is making her look fascinating.

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It is an understatement to say that Serena Williams is an icon; she is a real living and breathing legend.

To date, she has won 2 Grand Slam singles titles, the most by any man or woman in the Open Era. Williams is an inspiration for women of color as well, because of how she handles herself.

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She is loud, opinionated, but, at the same time, does not hide away her emotional or sensual side. Nobody can say that she is not beautiful; her beautifully shaped body with that fantastic face does not give anyone the right to.

  Serena Williams; Serena Williams Hot Pictures; 80+ Hot Pictures of Serena Williams Will Drive You Nuts for Her Sexy Body. By. Praveen - March 10, Last ated: March 10, The hottest images and pictures of Serena Williams will drive you nuts for her sexy body. While we are talking about her beauty, skills, and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride   Serena Williams is very sexy and these Serena Williams hot images will leave you drooling. Serena Williams was born on September 26, in the year, and she is a very famous tennis player. Women's Tennis Association had ranked Serena Williams as world No. 1 in the singles on 8 occasions between the year, till the year, Serena Williams had also read No. 1 for the

It was not the loss that rubbed her the wrong way, but the way it all came to be. She lost points for being outspoken and passionate, which brought to focus a debate going on for years- that women are penalized for being as passionate as men.

To kick off the festivities that is Serena William's sexiness, here is a picture of her in a blue bathing suit top that shows off her figure well. To the average sports fan, they might think there is too much muscle showing in her arms and st.

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But to the avid sports fan, they can tell that her arms are toned from all of her training and her st shows off this suit quite nicely. Serena has been known for her vicious backhands and forehands.

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We now know why she has those from just this photo. The light blue top with the blue sky background makes Serena look even better.

On any normal list, this picture would probably be a little bit higher. But there are many more Serena photos that will make sports fans say one word: wow! There are a lot of reasons which this photo was an easy one to pick for number 14 on this list. First of all, the all black is a fantastic touch for Serena.

Second of all, she is showing her flexibility by doing a squat while balancing in the air.

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Third of all and the best reason is very evident: the abs. Serena has shown that she is in incredible shape, running back and forth during volleys to get to every return possible. With this photo, we see just how ripped her mid-section is by the separation between the top and bottom pieces.

Just those three reasons alone make this photo sexier than the shine of the trophies Serena has won in both singles and doubles mats. Some will argue later on that this photo should be higher on the list, but the others will make non-tennis fans make sure they tune in to Serena's next match. It is summer after all, so this picture of Serena in light blue athletic gear sees its way into the number 1 spot.

The first couple of pictures have focused primarily on the upper half of Serena's athletic and sexy body. This picture is great because of her strong, yet beautiful legs.

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Another hidden factor that not many people would pay attention to here would be her hair. Her hair looks phenomenal, wavy and all.

Serena Williams Sexy Booty Shake HD Compilation in Miami 2014

She looks like she can step right off of the tennis court and head out to a large, social event without even breaking a sweat. Her pearly white teeth showing off her award winning smile puts everything together that needs to be said about this photo, and it is saying Serena is an extremely hot professional tennis player.

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Be on the look out for Serena to potentially wear this exact outfit in a future tournament. This photo showing off Serena's curves and edges finds itself sitting pretty like Serena always does at number This photo comes courtesy of a photo shoot in which she is showing off her twins in a sports bra.

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This is something fans rarely see from tennis players considering most shots of a tennis match are from overhead and don't particularly focus on their sts. Even just standing there smiling, you can't help but love seeing Serena and wanting to see more.

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The fact that she has that interesting look on her face makes it even more appealing than she already is. Maybe she is looking on confidently in this picture because she is envisioning her next big tournament win?

Nobody knows why but her. Regardless of the reason, the people want more photos like this from Serena which will probably lead them to wanting to follow her upcoming mats. As the top ten photos start to come about, we take a look at Serena simply sitting on a couch.

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The red top definitely shows the upper half of her body really well and the short skirt makes her legs look well with the different patterns of colors and all. This type of look for Serena is saying, "yes I have won many tournaments, but I can still enjoy relaxation time in a summer time outfit".

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Once again, the hair plays a factor as now in this photo; it seems to be straighter and dirty blonde which is a very good look for the better looking Williams twin. There are more scandalous and revealing photos that will be shown later on, but for now let's all enjoy Serena not playing tennis and looking beautiful in a home setting.

  Serena Williams hot pictures Williams has 2 Grand Slams to her name, which is the highest number of Grand Slams won by any player in the Open Era and the second-highest with Margaret Court having the top spot with 24 Grand Slams to   Feb 26 , am EST To pull off the glitz and drama that a sheer, red-hot, feather-trimmed night robe requires, one must first have the kind of confidence that Serena Williams clearly   When people take a look at the number nine hot photo of Serena Williams, they might go so far to say that this isn't actually her. Well brace yourselves sports fans because it definitely is her! The white pants show off her lower half extremely well. Everything shown is firm and tight which is what avid sports fans love in a female standartmerkezi.com: Alan Nahigian

The sole reason this photo is at number 10 is because of her stare. There are so many reasons she could be staring like that with this photo. She could be thinking about how angry she is that she is even doing this photo shoot in the first place.

She could be thinking about how she wants to beat Venus at the next Wimbledon tournament.

Whatever the reason is, her stare is very intimidating yet ravishing. This is the type of look that could get her on America's Next Top Model.

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This is probably the look Serena gives her opponents as well before she delivers a dominant performance on them. Keep giving that intimidating stare Serena, it seems to be doing well for you both on and off of the court!

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When people take a look at the number nine hot photo of Serena Williams, they might go so far to say that this isn't actually her. Well brace yourselves sports fans because it definitely is her! The white pants show off her lower half extremely well.

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