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D?c r?i s? hi?u. Read X? tru?c t?t TT from the story Pokespe va nh?ng chuy?n tu?ng by Sunnypc Yuu-chan with reads After Alola, Ash decides to go back to his home town thinking what to do next but he meets someone that gives a mission for him to complete and save people and Pokemon alike. Hola mis Amourlovers y Trupan ?como estan? espero que super bien, bueno ya hace tiempo que termine la saga de pokemon del hermoso anime Pokemon temporada XY y XYZ bueno, algunos nos gusta Serena y esos son del Amourshipping me encantan por eso hare imagenes de Ash y Serena del Amourshipping. Infiltrada PokemonXY KalosQueen.

Later, Serena helped him again during his Gym Battle by calling out to him as she reminded him of the training he did the other day, which successfully helped him to win his first Kalos Pokemon League Gym Badge. After that, Serena was asked by Ash what she was gonna do next.

Hearing this, Serena becomes uncertain as she tried to give Ash her answer but instead he asked her to travel along with him, Clemont and Bonnie, which she happily accepted.

While traveling back to Lumiose City in order to head to Cyllage City and helping Ash recall when they first met, Serena was shown to be somewhat skilled at Rhyhorn Racing. Serena showed Ash how to ride a Rhyhornwhich shows she knows a lot from her mother teaching her about them.

When question about becoming a Rhyhorn racer like her mother, Serena wasn't sure about it but Clemont realizes that she wants to find her own path, which she said yes to.

Seeing how hard her friend tries no matter what he does, Serena realizes that she never truly understood Rhyhorn racing in the first place, although now she begins to better see it in a different perspective. On the day before the Rhyhorn Races, Serena baked cookies for Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie in the middle of the night. That next day, the Rhyhorn Races began, but it was interrupted as Team Rocket disabled the cameras. Serena became worried that something terrible might have happened to Ash, so she came along with Clemont and Bonnie to see what was going on.

When they found him, they discovered that he had been ambushed by Team Rocket and they find him trapped in a net while his Pikachu and the Rhyhorn were trapped in cages. As Clemont used his Bunnelby to trap Team Rocket in a ditch, Serena and Bonnie arrived to rescue Ash. Serena used her Fennekin to fight off Team Rocket and make them drop the remote.

During the conformation, Serena realizes that this was her first Pokemon battle in her journey as a Trainer. When Team Rocket was blasted off by the Rhyhorn they captured, Serena introduced her friends to her mother. Serena then tells her mother that she decided to travel with Ash and his friends.

However, Serena thought her mother would disagree with her decision, but instead she said it would be a better experience for her. Afterwards, Serena gave her friends each a bag of cookies as a way of saying thank you to Ash for all he did for her, especially when they were little. While walking into a town and seeing Ash cking out a Furfrou with his Pokedex, Serena lets him know that it went to the groomers.

Serena explains to Ash about a Pokemon Groomer in the town they were in as she and Bonnie express their wishes to meet the Star Groomer, who lives in the town. However, after Bonnie got hurt from a Furfrou and its trainer named Jessica apologizes for what happened, Serena and her friends find out that she works for the star groomer she and her best friend want to meet. After meeting the groomer, Serena and her friends find a different groomer salon as she decided to have Fennekin get groom there.

However, Serena and her friends find out that Fennekin was endanger because the salon people turn out to be crocks that were steeling peoples Pokemon. Once they found them, Serena and everyone sees that the groomer people were Team Rocket as they stop their attempts to take the Pokemon. After sending Team Rocket blasting off, Serena was glad that Fennekin was ok then witness Jessica grooming her Furfrou then they continue to Lumiose City.

After returning to Lumiose City, Serena and Ash meet Meyer, Clemont and Bonnie's dad, then said somethings in front of them, which made his kids nervous. Once he leaves, Serena and Ash confronted Clemont as reveals to them that he is the Gym Leader of Lumiose City. Serena and Ash listen to Clemont story about how he built a robot to be a replacement for him but due to a malfunction was kicked out by his own creation.

Hearing this, Serena and Ash offer to help Clemont retake his gym as they were able to get inside.

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After witnessing Clemont defeat his robot, Serena, Ash and Bonnie witness him reprogram him to be a better Gym Leader. Serena and her friends were present when Clemont tells his dad that he alongside Bonnie want to resume traveling, which he approves. That night, Serena sleeps in Bonnie's room as they said goodnight to each then went to sleep.

While traveling, Serena was unsure about what kind of dream she wanted to chase after. Serena made her very first Pokevision video, which became very popular as Shauna, Tierno and Trevor as they all watd it many times.

Sometime later, Serena participated in a Poke Puff baking Contest, where she meets her first rival Miette, who also has a crush on Ash. However, Serena and Miette both lost the contest but they both promise to become stronger the next time they see each other.

Before going their separate ways, Serena was warned by Miette that if she doesn't tell Ash how she feels about him or she will tell him how she feels about him. Arriving at Professor Sycamore Pokemon Summer camp, Serena and her friends were shown to their lodge by Sophie as she tells them they are Team Froakie. Serena sees the beautiful ocean view then Clemont reminds her and Ash that they also met in a camp, which he promises to make this camp a fun experience.

They go out and see a battle, as a Conkeldurr battles a Squirtle.

After the battle, Serena and her friends come as they introduce themselves to the trainer, whose name is Tierno. However, Serena became surprised that Tierno knows who she is then runs off and grabs a girl, who also recognizes her from PokeVision.

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Serena, Fennekin and her first capture, Pancham as she took her first step as a Pokemon Performer. While watching a Performance with her friends, Serena witnessed a Pancham interrupt the performer to put on a little routine of its own. Serena tracked Pancham down and discovered it wanted to perform too, after noticing that he steals items from others as probs for his routines.

Realizing this, Serena gave Pancham her favorite pair of sunglasses but takes them off and runs away again. Finding Pancham comforted by her friends, Serena told everyone to step aside as she wanted to catch him. Explaining the Playful Pokemon reason for crashing the Performance and have been inspired by Shauna, Serena decided to pursue into becoming a Pokemon Performer and become the next Kalos Queenwhich her friends give their full support for.

However, Serena battle with Pancham was interrupted when Team Rocket captured Fennekin.

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While Ash and Clemont hold off Team Rocket, Serena, Pikachu, Dedenne and Pancham tried to rescue Fennekin. Seeing that Jessie was gonna have her Pumpkaboo to attack the Pokemon, Serena tackled Pumpkaboo to the ground and told everyone not to worry about her as she wanted them to focus on helping Fennekin.

Serena was about to be attacked by Pumpkaboo but Pancham intervened to protect her. When Team Rocket was blasted off again and Fennekin was safe, Serena finished her battle with Pancham. After two tries, Serena successfully captured Pancham then placed the same pair of sunglasses she offer to give him before on the top of his head then ask her two partners if they'll help her make her dream come true, which they said yes to. Later, Serena meets up with her mother again when Grace was teaching a group of people how to ride Skiddo.

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Throughout this time, Serena kept her aspirations of becoming a Pokemon Performer a secret from her mother, hoping to tell her when she built up the courage. When Team Rocket looted some ese and goods from a nearby dairy, Serena witness her friends chasing after them on Skiddo. Knowing they wouldn't be fast enough, Serena got on a nearby Rhyhorn and chased down Team Rocket's truck.

After Team Rocket was sent packing, Serena finally worked up the courage to tell her mother that instead of becoming a Rhyhorn Racer, she wanted to be a Pokemon Performer.

Hearing that Grace doesn't believe she wouldn't go through with it and pointed out that she would give up on something when she thought she could do it, Serena proposes a race against her mother.

Serena told her mother that if she won, she would come back home with her to resume her training for Rhyhorn Racing.

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However, Serena tells her mother that if she won, she would be free to pursue her dream. Serena agreed to her mother condition that they would race on Skiddo instead of Rhyhorn. During the race, Serena fell off her Skiddo, which gave her mother the lead. Remembering all she'd been through before this, Serena got back on and managed to come around from behind and come in first. Free to pursue her dream, Serena parted ways with her mother on better terms now that they better understood each other.

Following Ash's fourth Gym Battle against Ramosthe gang was still in town when they heard from Ramos about a ceremony where Trainers gave gifts to their Pokemon. As Clemont and Bonnie elected to stay behind at the Center, Serena and Ash left their Pokemon in Bonnie's care while they went off together to find gifts.

While they were walking away, Serena thought to herself that she felt like she was on a date with Ash. Serena nervously tried to hold Ash's hand but couldn't work up the courage. During their time in Coumarine City's shopping district, Serena was frequently asked by Ash for her opinion on various gifts, but each time she pointed out their poor potential.

Sometime later, Serena was left by herself when Ash decided to go find a gift on his own, which hurt her feelings and making her pout as she'd wanted to spend the whole day with him.

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While on the monorail to head back to the Pokemon Center, Serena got to see the ribbon, which she thought was pretty, Ash received from the monorail company. Seeing how concern Ash was about not finding a gift to give his Pokemon, Serena gave her friend a clue as she told them that they'll be happy to receive any gift as long it was from him.

Also, Serena elaborated by asking Ash what he would like to get as a gift as she pointed out that his Pokemon do take after him. After meeting up Clemont, Bonnie and all their Pokemon, Serena later met up with Ash again when he returned from preparing his gift.

However, Serena had to blast off Team Rocket with the rest of the gang when they showed up wanting to steal everyone's presents. After all was said and done, Serena discovered a present under the tree addressed to her. Opening it up, Serena discovered a beautiful dress which she later found out was from her mother, whose support she found incredibly touching.

To make her day even better, Serena was given a present from none other than Ash himself as his way of saying thanks for helping him find a gift for his Pokemon. Serena was overjoyed and happily accepted the gift and she'll always treasure it.

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On the day of her first Showcase, Serena meets up with Shauna again and both were delighted that they were going to enter together. While she was waiting for her turn, Serena became increasingly nervous but Shauna gave her some encouragement, which made her feel better. When her turn finally came, Serena decorated Fennekin with a top hat, top, skirt, ribbon and beads on her tail. However, Serena made the ribbon too long as Fennekin tripped on the ribbon and fell. Serena cradled Fennekin in her arms in front of the crowd, finishing dead last in her block of three.

After that, Serena watd as the Performers did their routines for the Free Performance round and was sad that she wasn't among them. Not wanting to concern Ash, Bonnie and Clemont, Serena hid her feelings from her friends, even when she bid farewell to Shauna. At the Pokemon Center, Serena directed the conversation towards where Ash would go for his fifth Gym Badge, which will be against Clemont. Very early that next morning, before sunrise, Serena stood with her Pokemon at the docks.

Unable to contain her grief and frustration any longer, Serena broke down in tears and began to cry. When her Pokemon, who tried to er her up, jumped into her arms to show their support, Serena was motivated as she stopped crying.

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After hugging her partners, Serena apologized to them as she explains that their loss was her fault. Serena even told her Pokemon that she never felt like this before because she's a performer now and was finally at the starting line of the race to her dream.

Determined to do better, Serena put her partners down then got out her fashion case and took out her scissors. After going to the end of the dock, Serena puts her scissors to her hair then close her eyes as she remembers all the events of her journey that lead up to this moment.

Opening her eyes as the sun rose on a new day, Serena cuts her hair short as she leaves her old self behind and the start of her new self. Later that morning, Serena presents her new look too Ash, Bonnie and Clemont. Although Clemont and Bonnie's reactions were mixed as he wondered what had happened while she lamented her for cutting her hair as she liked it long, Serena told her two friends that it was time for a change and thinks it looks kind of cute.

Serena appreciated Ash's positive reaction as he told her that it looked good on her then noticed that she was wearing the ribbon he gave her. Fully rebounded after her loss, Serena was the first one out of the Pokemon Center, goading her friends by saying that she'll leave them behind if they weren't fast enough. Now understanding what it was like to lose, Serena left Coumarine City with a little more life experience under her belt.

Serena practiced with Pancham and Fennekin for her next performance. Before practicing, Serena told her Pokemon her plan for the next showcase's freestyle performance. While practicing, Serena noticed that Pancham bum caught on fire when he jumped through a ring of fire created from Fennekin's Flamethrower but was put out by the ground.

Serena calmed Pancham down when he got mad as she suggested that they started over. The second time, Serena was happy to see that Pancham manage to jump through to ring of fire, but crashed into Fennekin, which caused both of them to argue.

Serena tried to break up the fighting but Pancham jumped onto her shoulder to which Fennekin used Flamethrower to hit him. However, Serena accidentally got burn to the face when Pancham dodged the attack. Serena got mad and shouted at her two partners for their behavior. After Ash told her to calm down, Serena not only realized what she had said but also felt ashamed for letting her temper get the better of her as she tells her partners and friends that she needed some time alone to thinks things over then left.

Serena was looking into a window of a store as she thinks about how she yelled at her partners until a girl, who happens to be Aria in disguise, came up and startled her by saying that hat would match her the best.

After Aria advices her to always keep smiling, Serena was asked by the her to go shopping with her because she was all alone, which she accepts, then she introduces herself as Arianna. As they went into a shop to look at various items, Serena told Aria that she lost her Coumarine Showcase during the first round and she told her that she saw the showcase.

In addition, Serena told Aria that she got mad at her Pokemon partners during their rehearsal for the next Showcase. Hearing Aria advices about making mistakes, Serena admires that Shauna was better and her dream was to become the Kalos Queen just like her, although she was unaware that she told herself her ambitions.

Then, Serena was asked by Aria which bracelet she should get and she suggested the blue one as she agreed with her idea but thought the red one looks great to, which made her smile and laugh.

After leaving the shop, they went somewhere to eat. While talking to Aria, she saw a girl giving a Poke Puff to her Furfrou, causing her to think about Fennekin and Pancham and start to cry. Aria suggested that she should apologize since she yelled at them. Returning to the Pokemon Center, Ash tells her that Fennekin and Pancham were worried about her. Once all three made amends, they agreed to engage Arianna in their first Double Battle, during which Fennekin evolved into Braixen, but Arianna got called away before they could finish.

Upon realizing that she spent the day with Aria, the Kalos Queen herself, it only helped to raise her spirits about becoming the Queen herself one day. Eventually, Serena entered her second Pokemon Showcase, this time competing against Miette and Jessie, only this time, despite a mishap with Serena's dress, due to Jessie's indirect interference, she came out victorious and earned her first Princess Key.

As she traveled with Ash and co. While she and her friends tried to find Eevee, Serena's life was unexpectedly saved when Eevee called out to her to prevent her from falling down a cliff. In gratitude, Serena left a flower crown for Eevee to wear.

The next day, Clemont attempted to lure Eevee with Serena's Poke Puffs.

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However, Eevee took it without Clemont noticing and made him believe that his spin ate it. Serena decided to perform in order to get Eevee to reveal itself to the group, which met with success. After thwarting Team Rocket's attempt to capture Eevee, she added it to her party as her third Pokemon. Serena became excited when Shauna told her about all of Eevee's possible evolutionsin which she took a liking to Glaceon while her partner seemed to take a liking to Jolteon.

Inside the Pokemon Center, Serena decided that Eevee should get over its shyness, so Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie called out some of their Pokemon to help Eevee become more comfortable. Bonnie quickly agrees, and Serena happily accepts, placing a hand over her heart. It's also noteworthy that Ash seems nervous uncharacteristic for this season while asking Serena to join the group, indicated by his tone and the way he scrats his ek. Episode: Tag Team Battle Inspiration!

Here's more brief, but still adorable, Asherena Serenash? During a chat with their Kalos rivals, Ash stops Tierno from giving him advice about an upcoming Pokemon gym, wanting to experience the challenge for himself fairly. Hearing this, Shauna comments on Ash's optimism, then quietly asks Serena if that's why she likes him so much. Serena tries to play it off by pretending Shauna's referring to how Serena likes Ash's mindset platonicallybut Shauna isn't buying it.

Serena's hilarious facial expressions and desperation to hide any mention of her crush, especially when Ash asks what the girls are talking about, really sells this encounter. Miette, Serena's rival in both Pokemon showcases and Ash's affection, scores an advantage when she beats Serena to the punch by asking Ash to attend an upcoming dance as her date. Serena's hilariously grumpy reactions confirm her jealousy, but at the actual event, Serena sees an opportunity to dance with Ash. With both dressed up in fancy outfits in an elegant atmosphere, the mood seems ripe for romance, and Ash extends a welcoming hand to Serena as she joyfully reas back And then the dance ends.

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Darn it Pokemon, just give them their moment! We got trolled again, but even though the two were denied their dance, the build-up and jealousy still highlights Serena's affection. As icing on the cake, in this same episode, Ash and Serena tagteam to successfully defeat James and Miette in a battle. Plus, in an off-screen segment of an earlier episode, Serena helped teach Ash to dance, so they still had their dance, albeit in a more informal setting.

Speaking of Miette, in this episode, Ash offers to er for both Serena and Miette during their upcoming performance. However, Miette points out that she might directly face Serena, asking who Ash would er for at that point. Without batting an eye, Ash erfully exclaims he'd root for Serena, loyally supporting his longtime friend and causing even the confident Miette to wonder if Serena and Ash's bond had advanced since she last saw the couple. Midway through the series, Serena resolves to become stronger and take her losses in stride.

To complement her new determination, Serena cuts her hair to a shorter length and swaps outfits. When she presents her new attire to her friends, Bonnie and Clemont don't respond favorably, stating they miss her long hair. In another moment of surprising social ability, Ash takes the chance to support Serena's new style, even calling her cute in the English dub. The moment gets extra adorable when Ash realizes that Serena incorporated the blue ribbon he gave her in a prior episode at a romantic fireworks festival, no less into her costume.

Whether you prefer Serena's old or new clothes, this exchange had undeniable charm. In this episode, as the group travels through a forest looking for the ideal location to film a Pokevision segment as part of a summer camp challenge, the ground crumbles under Serena and she begins falling into a ravine.

Ash reas out to save her, but this only causes him to tumble down with her. With Ash's ankle twisted, Bonnie and Clemont rush to get help, leaving Serena and Ash to have a personal conversation. Ash, who isn't upset about his injury, helps Serena understand she's got plenty of time to decide upon her ultimate goal, and she realizes how determined he is to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokemon master, even calling him amazing as she bandages his ankle.

Ash also smiles when he sees Serena's bond with Fennekin; if there's something likely to attract Ash to a girl, it's her dedication to Pokemon. In short, this was a lengthy exchange full of cute moments demonstrating the two trainers' affection for one another.

As Serena leaves for the Hoenn region, she decides to go for it and gives Ash a brief yet full kiss, promising to encounter him again. Ash seems both surprised and happy, finally aware of Serena's feelings. Although the camera didn't actually show the kiss, this was still a great conclusion for Ash and Serena, allowing the two to share a kiss after hundreds of episodes of agonizing build-up.

We've seen several instances of Serena fawning over Ash, but what caused her infatuation in the first place? A flashback reveals the answer as we see a younger Serena lost in a forest during summer camp which she attended in Ash's residence of Pallet Town.

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After being scared by a wild Poliwag and injuring her leg, a younger version of Ash appears. Despite being only 6-ish at this point, Ash acts very reassuring and kind to the strange girl, tending to Serena's leg, offering her help standing, and guiding her back to the campsite. Not only was this a beautiful moment especially with the original Japanese music perfectly complementing the atmosphereit means that Serena-not Misty-was actually the first of Ash's female traveling companions to meet him.

Fanart of Serena with her and Ash's children the Alolan protagonists. She realized that this obviously meant that she was supposed to catch the pancham and have it with her during her upcoming performances, which she proceeded to do! After weakening it with Fennekin, she caught the Pancham and gave it a pair of sunglasses. Who knew such an important team mate originally started as a delinquent? In a decidedly gross and creepy interview, the original director of the Pokemon TV series which all of us grew up with and love called Misty "eye candy.

However, given this statement and the speed at which women are replaced on the showit's safe to assume that Serena is also viewed internally as a transitory lead. That doesn't stop the anime's showrunners from giving her a satisfying plot, but it's a bit discouraging that this monumental series doesn't give its women the same respect as their male counterparts. After training for hours after hours after hours, Serena felt very prepared for her second performance.

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The first event went well, but before the second her rival, Jessie, bumped into her and ripped her dress. Once she was called on stage, she gave a beautiful performance which awed the audience.

They were so impressed she was the most voted performer, and won the whole event! She went from zero to hero in just one simple Showcase!

The first, was her very first Pokemon battle! Serena helped during the rescue, and commanded her Fennekin to use ember for the first time.

Once Ash was saved, she actually gifted him a bag of cookies. This event marks a turn in their relationship, as the last time one of them saved the other it was the opposite. After this, Ash and Serena are pretty even as they have both saved each other!

While this is the first time that Serena faced off against Jesse and James, it is absolutely not the last A big part of the reason Serena was so confused about what to do with her future was because of the pressure that her mother placed on her to become a Rhyhorn racer. Her mother was a famous Rhyhorn racer, who absolutely adored the sport and wanted to encourage her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Her relationship with her mother, and an accident during Rhyhorn racing practice, actually caused her to hate the Pokemon itself, until she taught Ash how to race Rhyhorn.

Right before Ash was taken by Team Rocket, the two spent a day together teaching Ash the sport. During that same day, Serena realized that she actually had a connection with Rhyhorn, and began to understand why her mother loved it so much. Serena LOVES to pamper her Pokemon, but her relationship with them started off not quite so strongly.

Between Fennekin accidentally getting taken by Team Rocket, to Serena yelling at Pancham and Fennekin, when Serena first started on her journey she was having issues creating bonds with her Pokemon. However, once she decided that she was going to become a Pokemon Performer, her resolve completely changed, and so did her relationship with her Pokemon.

Unlike Ash, Serena never had a full party, but the pocket monsters she DID have are treated well. Not only does she train them, and well, but she also grooms them frequently in preparation for their performances, and dresses them up in the best clothes. Because of this pampering, her bond with Pancham, Fennekin, and Sylveon is incredibly strong! After her struggle in her first Pokemon Performance, and her absolute domination of her second and third performances, Serena continued to progress into the Master Performer class!

Her Master Class Session was in Gloire, and she successfully was the most voted in her first performance. In her second performance she bruised her wrist, and after nearly falling Sylveon saved her and the performance.

She ALSO won her second performance which took her straight to the Finals with the current Kalos Queen Aria. Unfortunately, she was unable to win the third performance and lost to the current Queen.

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Once the battle was over, she was propositioned to train as a protege to potentially become a better performer and become the next Kalos Queen, but she declined, deciding instead to stay with Ash and her friends. Serena has a history of having a serious fear of the supernatural. During a trip to an abandoned house, Serena was absolutely terrified at every single noise. Whenever something happened Serena would automatically assume something supernatural was at work, and assume the worst was going to happen at all times.

She believes every spooky story, no matter how unbelievable. Each time they come across a scary house, scary ravine, scary forest, or scary anything, Serena cannot help but become afraid and speak her mind.

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Even in cases where her fear is irrational and makes Ash react in a negative way! While Ash may have saved Serena from the woods the first time the two met, Serena took her opportunity to save HIM from the woods as they were traveling together when they were older. Ash lost a battle against a trainer named Wulfric and truly let the loss get to him, so he ran away into a forest to be alone.

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