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Five young women stand united against a privileged white male, an adored public icon, the founder and director of a famous drama pre-school and, furthermore, Vuk Karadzic prize-winner for lifetime achievement awarded by the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia for his outstanding contribution to the Serbian cultural space. These, and other, accolades helped create the atmosphere of unbearable injustice and pain in which the victims lived for a long time. For the first time, we can see these events as beginning the downfall of all the public figures who have abused women in Serbia. The violence is so common but is at the same time so below the radar that no research could support these facts. Our silence was heavy. Immersed by violence and excluded from the political space, we become discreet or just shut up.

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But now we women bluntly refuse to do so. Just because they were allowed to be.

Amazingly talented amateur Serbian artists are famous for their naive art. Although, it is impossible to say exactly which country was the first to give the world this direction, but Serbia is one of them, for sure. It was here, in two Serb villages of Jagodina and Kovacica, in the middle of the last century a unique artistic style has appeared. Village of self-taught artists with a completely Now in Serbia, as in other countries, girls tend to be self-sufficient individuals. Most of them dream of building a career at work to become a good specialist in their profession. But this does not prevent them from remaining good wives for their husbands. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they can successfully combine business and family Marija Ratkovic is an author and media theorist from Belgrade, Serbia. The opinions expressed are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the views of BIRN. Human Rights

And women like me, we are the ones who let them. But recent real-life events has proven that life is stranger than fiction. On the night the first statement was made, I and many other adult women spent a sleepless night, talking to each other about how incredibly honourable it feels to live today and how much smarter and braver the new generations are.

It is no longer a question of whether these girls can do it but of whether can we contribute to their struggle in any way.

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Thanks to Milena Radulovic and her girlfriends, every woman who has suffered violence and been silent or silenced about it can breathe a sigh of relief and think the world is a little better and more just. Justice heals and restores hope.

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In future, I expect all girls to feel empowered to step up and raise their voices, not only to speak of violent events but about anything else they see relevant.

We need to fill the public sphere with the real, lived experiences of women. The opinions expressed are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the views of BIRN.

Thanks to a few brave voices, we are seeing the beginning of the downfall of the public figures who have violently abused women in Serbia for years. Marija Ratkovic is an author and media theorist from Belgrade, Serbia.

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Published by BIRN. She will add that he likes football, travels frequently, has fine hand-writing - and is Danish.

His nationality will intrigue Antonia, who currently is only 14 months old. It will help her to understand why, although her mother has curly black hair and dark eyes, she has blue eyes, blonde hair, and is likely to be taller than many of her Serbian friends - all of which is fine with Antonia's mother, Ana Adzic, one of women in Serbia who have bought sperm from unknown Danish donors.

So I went online and discovered that there were many women like me. That gave me more self-confidence and strength.

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Then I discovered a private hospital, Acibadem Sistina, in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia that had been helping single women to conceive.

I sent them an email and soon I travelled to Skopje.

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It would be the start of a long journey. To bring Antonia into the world, Ana, a journalist, experienced sperm buying, IVF treatment, countless appointments with doctors, lab analysis, travelling and accommodation costs.

The Acibadem Sistina clinic has been responsible for 6, births since its opening 14 years ago, mainly working with the sperm bank Cryos International, from Aarhus in Denmark. They showed me the picture of a Danish man and I liked him.

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I liked that he was a computer programmer because I had studied maths at school. For nine months, Ana regularly traveled to Skopje by bus through the night. My medical examination started at 8am and went on until 11am and then I went back to Belgrade and straight to work.

I never felt tired. Ana bought enough semen for three IVF attempts.

Her first two attempts failed. After her third try in Februaryshe returned to Belgrade by car rather than bus and spent the next two weeks in bed. To her sheer joy, she discovered that she was pregnant and Antonia was born by Caesarian section on 2 November, weighing 6lbs 7 oz. Ana was 40 years old. The name of the father on Antonia's birth certificate is empty - but her mother already is stressing Antonia's Viking connections.

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I explain that mummy went to uncle Boban in a far-away kingdom, where there was a nice man from Denmark who gave mummy the stardust and that's how the most beautiful girl on Earth came into the world. I don't even look at men anymore.

Balkans Episode 25: Serbian girls, warm and generous

Even if [the actor] Sean Bean passed by me, I wouldn't turn my head. I baptised her as an Orthodox Christian and I want her to grow up a happy woman.

Undoubtedly you will surprise the girls of the country with these words and phrases of Love and Friendship. Love and romantic Word and phrases from Serbia. Tags for Serbian Phrases: Practical and useful Serbian phrases for travelling. Love Serbian phrases to meet Serbian girls chat, messenger or in person. Love Serbian phrases to meet guys for   The self-fulfilling prophecy of sensationalist Western journalism The new prime minister, Ana Brnabic is mentioned in the title and the introduction, but the article is motly a rant about Tanner's This project enables the education of girls and young people on the topic of violence against girls / women through educational workshops and forum theater in 6 schools in cities in Serbia. By educating them, we will inform them about violence against girls / women and empower them to react to violence, not to suffer, increase their self-esteem and thus give them the opportunity to

Antonia has unusual blue eyes. They call her Putin.

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She has Danish blood, but she adores Russian music. Ana has learned that young Danish men do not donate strictly for money, but often because they want to help women like her. Cryos International, the German sperm bank, was founded in by a student called Ole Schou, who borrowed money from his mother.

A beautiful girl and a sexy girl are almost synonymous in Serbia. These single girls do not believe that someone can be too sexy - they have a luxurious body that they do not hesitate to emphasize, puffy lips on which they accentuate with bright lipstick. Serbian singles know how to   That gave me more self-confidence and strength. Then I discovered a private hospital, Acibadem Sistina, in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia Trainings in local self-government units to improve the position of LGBTI persons Details 09 March With the aim of improving the position of LGBTI people in the Republic of Serbia, this year, the Protector of Citizens will conduct 15 trainings for local self-government units' staff in order to facilitate the inclusion of this community into the activities of the environment they live in

SinceCryos has been responsible for 2, births, but the real number could be much higher. The company exports sperm to more than 80 countries. On the walls of Cryos's corridors swim smiling sperms.

In the rooms used by donors there are photographs of girls in erotic poses and racks stacked with porn magazines. Of registered donors, about 40 men visit every day.

Many have donated on several occasions.

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Potential donors should be between 18 and 45 years old and free of serious medical diseases, especially hereditary ones. The donors undergo rigorous medical examinations, physical and psychological tests and answer a questionnaire about their habits. High quality semen is the secret of the company's success. Every Danish donor can choose whether he will remain anonymous. One of the most-wanted donors in Cryos is a man called Anders.

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