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Inshe commissioned and supervised Tribolo to create the Pitti's famous Boboli Gardens, which possess openness and expansive view unconventional for its time.

The gardens were very lavish and no access was allowed to anyone outside the immediate Medici. Part of Eleanor's final will and testament was the creation and funding of the prestigious but exclusive convent Santissima Concezione, the daughter house of one of her favorite convents, Le Murate.

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It was built around the Sale del Papa of the prominent Dominican monastery Santa Maria Novella, which once functioned as quarters for visiting popes. Contemporary accounts of Eleanor give a different picture than her cold, stern portraits might lead people to assume.

Much like her husband, the Duss was realistic, practical and determinated, quietly but surely making important actions. Though she was sick much of her adult life, Eleanor was considered very charming, loved to gamble and was a devoted traveler, moving endlessly throughout her palazzi and villas.

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Although she didn't support the Spaniards gaining control of Florence, Eleanor showed pride of her birthplace and preferred to write in Spanish than Italian, which sometimes causes communication problems in letters with her husband.

Jesuits sent Spanish priests to negotiate with the Duss, as "she doesn't wish to speak with any of our men who isn't Spanish. Eleanor was remembered for her majestic facial features shown in portraits.

She was very fashion-conscious and continually employed both gold and silver weavers for her clothes. On the other hand, this may not have been done out of simple vanity. This medical condition may have caused her much ill health, dental pain, and a poor overall appearance. Her sons died before her and within weeks of each other. Weakened by her pulmonary tuberculosis, Eleanor died after on 17 December, in the presence of her disconsolate husband and a Jesuit confessor.

Her funeral was held in 28 December, before she was buried in the Medici crypts in the Basilica of San Lorenzo. For centuries after her death, the myth pervaded that Garcia had murdered his brother Giovanni following a dispute in Cosimo was said to then murdered Garcia with his own sword and the distraught Eleanor died a week later from grief. The truth, proven by modern-day exhumations and forensic science, was that Eleanor and her sons, as the Medici family had always claimed, died together from malaria.

Since her death, historians have tended to overlook Eleanor's importance to Florentine history and today she is often thought of as just another consort. This is probably due to the numerous portraits painted of her extravagance dresses and the bad press she received from her Florentine subjects because she was Spanish. The rebuilding of the Pitti Palace was only partially completed at the time of Eleanor's death, but eventually became the principal residence of the grand rulers of Tuscany.

The palazzo is now the largest museum complex in Florence as later generations amassed paintings, jewelry and luxurious possessions.

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Her iconal dress is today in the care of Pitti's Galleria del Costume. Eleanor's founding of Santissima Concezione contributed to her legacy since the convent's artistic commissions further reinforce the fact that she was the patron.

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Cum on your body by Avenge. Cover your sexy body with this "magical milk" by Hans Ollermann. Childhood Eleanor was born in Alba de Tormes, Salamanca, Spain, on 11 January Marriage Three years later, Cosimo, now Duke of Florence, was searching for a wife who could help strengthen his political position since the Medici were still new to their ducal status.

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The couple had eleven children, though only five sons and three daughters read maturity: Duss of Florence Eleanor's high profile in Florence as ducal consort was initially a public relations exercise promoted by her husband, who needed to reassure the public of the stability and respectability of not only his family, but the new reign.

Political Influence Eleanor was very keen and interested in business, especially regarding agriculture. Patronage of Arts Like her husband, Eleanor was a notable patron to many of the most artists of the age like Agnolo Bronzino, Giorgio Vasari, and Niccolo Tribolo and very notable buildings still standing today. Personality and appearance Contemporary accounts of Eleanor give a different picture than her cold, stern portraits might lead people to assume.

Death year-old Eleanor and two of her sons, year-old Giovanni and year-old Garzia, got sick from malaria while travelling to Pisa in Legacy Since her death, historians have tended to overlook Eleanor's importance to Florentine history and today she is often thought of as just another consort.

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