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AT MY MOTHER'S FRIEND'S HOUSE. My mother had one of her friends over one evening for dinner. She was a next. door neighbor whose husband was out of town. As the evening wore on, a storm brewed.

Mommy brought the warm milk and said I should drink it and not worry about any. She told me that she always kept a rubber sheet on the bed and. that she had one on her bed also, just in case. My brain suddenly put things together. and I purposely moved on the bed to feel and hear the exciting to me.

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I drank the milk as instructed and Mommy took the empty glass back to the kitn. When she returned, she said that if I thought there might be an accident, she had a large. sized diaper I could wear. Well, being both excited by the rubber sheet and nervous about. spending the night in this strange house, I decided to take no chances.

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wear the diaper. Mommy opened a drawer in the dresser and pulled out a large, soft white diaper. She also pulled out a pair of white rubber pants and asked if I wanted to wear them too. By this time my recollection of early childhood was awakened, and I became aroused by. the prospect of spending the night in a diaper and rubber pants on a rubber sheeted bed.

Mommy seemed to sense this, and also recognized that I was sixteen and somewhat. embarrassed by my predicament. She suggested I change in the bathroom.

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I did this with. When I returned, Mommy had pulled back the cotton sheet on the bed, leaving the. rubber sheet for me to sleep on. She said that this would make sure that everything. would be taken care of in case of an accident. At this point, Mommy said she was tired. and was going to bed herself, and for me to get in bed so she could tuck me in. climbed into the bed, the feel of the smooth rubber sheet, the sound of it rustling. underneath my rubber pants and diaper and its subtle smell excited me beyond anything I.

had experienced before. Mommy calmly bent down and kissed me good night on my. As she left, she patted me on my diapered, rubber covered bottom. That night, as I might have expected, I wet the bed. Having had a great deal to drink, I flooded the diapers, and the rubber pants could not contain the fluid which leaked out. Fortunately there was the rubber sheet to protect the bed. Well, when Mommy came in.

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that morning I was still asleep. She quickly assessed the situation and patiently waited. for my awakening. As my eyes fluttered open, there she was with a maternal smile. looking down at my predicament. calmly stated, adding "Aren't we fortunate we protected the bed with the rubber sheet! could do nothing but agree. Then she said to my amazement, "Mommy will help you change your wet diapers.

carefully get off the bed and let me get ready". Apparently my mouth dropped open, and. Mommy, recognizing my concern, said "I've raised three boys so you have no reason to. be embarrassed or concerned.

In fact, one of them still wets the bed, and he's thirty eight. years old, so come on and get up and go sit on the chair while I clean up the bed. as I was told and saw that Mommy had protected the chair with another rubber sheet. As I sat in my slushy diapers, and rubber pants, Mommy proceeded to clean and.

dry the wet rubber sheet and change the top sheet which had become a little wet. she had done this she told me to come back to the bed and lie down on my back. I did. She slid the wet rubber pants off and unpinned the diapers. She pulled the soaked.

diapers off, and my bare bottom came in touch with the freshly powdered rubber sheet, I. became aroused. Mommy looked at me with a sweet smile and said nothing. proceeded to get clean diapers. Well, I thought I was going home since it was morning and told Mommy so. said that she had arranged with my real mother so that I could spend today and tonight. with her, since she would still be afraid tonight. Wow, what will happen next I wondered.

Resigning myself to fate for the twenty four hours, I calmly laid back on the bed, relaxing. and enjoying the feel of the rubber sheet.

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Mommy quickly diapered me, and asked if I. needed rubber pants during the day. I said I thought not, and she obliged. She told me to.

go ahead and get dressed. My pants were thankfully loose fitting so the diapers did not show. During the day. Mommy and I went to the shopping mall. We were very busy looking at all the shops, and. had stopped for hot chocolate in the morning and at lunch I had a large cola.

While we. were on our way to one of her friends house I had to go to the bathroom. Mommy did not. stop, and finally my bladder could not withstand the pressure and I flooded my diapers.

with a sigh of relief. Mommy immediately noticed what had happened and pulled off to a. roadside park which conveniently appeared. accident, what are we to do? Well, Mommy already had that planned. She said "I had a feeling this might.

happen, so I came prepared. We wouldn't want you going to my friend's house all wet. With that she read into the back seat of the car and got a small case.

From it she got.

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some clean, dry clothes, a clean diaper and a pair of rubber pants. look presentable when we get to Arlene's house. Arlene was Mommy's.

What could I do but oblige. About 20 minutes later we arrived at Arlene's house. As I walked from the car to the. house I could hear the swishing of the rubber pants, but at least they didn't show since.

Mommy had another pair of loose fitting pants. She gave me a knowing look as she. knocked on Arlene's front door. When Arlene answered she was younger than I had.

simply magnificent

She welcomed us and Mommy introduced me as her "temporary baby". I must have blushed because Arlene giggled and told Mommy she knew what it was. like to have big babies around the house. As I walked into Arlene's house, the sound of. the rubber pants seemed to me almost deafening. I was certain it could be heard blocks. away; my face blushed with embarrassment. To my surprise, nothing was said. Arlene lead us into the living room and motioned. for us to sit down. I went over to a chair while Mommy and Arlene sat on the couch.

Mommy got some coffee, and I had a. For a while, perhaps 0 minutes, Mommy and Arlene talked about old times. had apparently known each other for around ten years and Arlene was fifteen years.

TT CANNAS: Last Thursday I missed posting these from These are the cannas I was digging. That is Diana's camouflage top so you can't notice her 1: Me and my little have been together for almost a month now. 2: My little one has 7 stuffies, Peanut, Dolly, Toby, Stegi, Jake, Dave and Hasi (Bunny in German) : My babygirl loves dogs. 4: She has a cute little kitty called Mabel. 5: My Princess loves Tangled, Rapunzel is her favorite After a game of seduction, a forbidden but furiously passionate relationship begins between the two young women, until their expectations emerge as too concrete to converge. The maturity of Katharina slowly brings her back to her old life, which leaves her lover in confusion and pain. Lena must now face reality and choose what path she wants to go down if she doesn't want to end up as devoid as the

younger than Mommy. During this period, I was neither involved in the discussion, nor.

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was I discussed. Then Arlene refilled the coffee for she, and Mommy and brought me. another coke. Well, this third party reference to me, while not unexpected, was somewhat. spending tonight with me since Fred is out of town. neighbor to be so thoughtful. storm last night she knew I would be afraid. There was more small talk about my real mother, and as time progressed I began to. feel the need to go to the bathroom. As that feeling grew stronger I moved in my chair. Risking stability, her family, and all that she knows for the great unknown and her newfound love.

Written and directed by Josh Beck. While struggling to cope with the death of her boyfriend, a young woman begins to have romantic feelings for her new supportive female friend. Watch Trailer: EVER - Official Trailer from Josh Beck on Vimeo. Watch for free on YouTube. Marie is a successful designer and has a loving husband and two children. But fate offers more. When she meets the fiancee of their friend Dom, the two women fall for each other.

Watch online at Daily Motion. Directed and written by Michael Worth. But when Rebecca confesses to her friends about her unsatisfactory love life, they set her up with an exceptionally talented high-class call girl named Paris - and, needless to say, the lives of both Rebecca and Paris are changed forever.

Grappling with a veritable soap opera of family drama at home, Rebecca escapes into the oasis of her encounters with Paris. Meanwhile, outside of her lucrative pleasure-worker day-job, Paris is a struggling artist with troubles of her own. A woman who dares to live as she pleases is officially declared a man in this historical drama inspired by a true story. Angela Valeria Solarino is a strong, passionate, and willful woman whose father Ennio Fantastichini operates a mining business for the Spanish royal family.

Her father wanted a boy and makes no secret of his disgust with Angela, despite or perhaps because of her willingness to flaunt the conventions of what is acceptable for a woman in 19th century Spain. Angela is powerfully attracted to her childhood friend Sara Isabella Ragoneseand though Sara is pledged to marry Tommaso Marco FoschiAngela sets out to win her heart.

Her father, however, has arranged a marriage between Angela and the son of a business associate; Angela bitterly refuses to wed the young man, declaring she would prefer death to the false relationship. Her mother, Lucia Giselda Volodiarranges for a radical solution to this dilemma; using some privileged information as leverage, she persuades the village priest to declare that Angela is, in fact, Angelo and has been a male all along.

Viola di Mare aka Purple Sea was an official selection at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. Imagine you are getting married. The big day has arrived. The tough year-old Annabelle Erin Kelly knows her rebellious behavior immediately all the attention pulling when she at her new school, a boarding school for Catholic girls, arrives.

Simone, who leads a pretty boring life with her boyfriend, noting that the year-old Anna-belle deeply hidden feelings loosens her, which she has long since felt more. Gives the tear over it? Buy on Amazon Stream on Netflix. Based on the novel by Shamim Sarif. In s Cape Town, progressive and free Amina Sheetal Sheth co-owns a cafe with a man named Jacob. One day, a beautiful housewife named Miriam Lisa Ray visits the cafe, and Amina is instantly smitten.

Miriam runs a store outside of town with her husband, Omar Parvin Dabasand feels increasingly stifled in her conventional life. She cannot help but give in to her desire when Amina comes calling. Written and directed by Elizabeth Gill. Quirky Irish drama about life and love in contemporary Dublin amongst a group of mismatd young people.

In the upper elons of traditional Middle Eastern society, Reema and Omar prepare for the marriage of their daughter, Tala. Tala sees something unique in the artless, clumsy, sensitive Leyla who secretly works to become a writer.

As family members descend and the wedding day approas, the pressure mounts until Tala finally cracks and extricates herself.

Upon arrival, she is welcomed by her two roommates, the carefree and impressionable Tori Jessica Pare and excitable, temperamental Paulie Piper Perabo. Unable to deal with losing the other half to her whole, Paulie will do anything to get her girlfriend back, even if it means risking her life. A powerful and disturbing look at first love which features a trio of young and talented actresses burning up the screen years before they went on to break Hollywood.

Directed by Jacques Doillon. Stars: Jane Birkin, Maruschka Detmers, Philippe Leotard. A French lesbian movie directed by Anna-Sophie Birot. This wonderful debut feature captures the elusive relationship between two teenaged girls. Gwen and Lise live in opposite parts of France but have spent summer vacation together on the Brittany coast for years.

The 15th summer of Lise and Gwen will be one of many contrasts, between love and desire, laughter and tears, life and death. An American drama film written and directed by Stacie Passon and starring Robin Weigert. Although not autobiographical, the story was partially inspired by Passon herself suffering a mild concussion, in the same manner, that is depicted in the film, shortly before she began writing the screenplay.

Abby Ableman is a lesbian who becomes disillusioned with her domestic life and career after suffering a mild concussion when her son, Jake, accidentally hits her in the head with a thrown baseball.

She then begins working as a prostitute for other women. A sophisticated tale of an unlikely romance between two extraordinary artists, set against the backdrop of political upheaval and a clash of cultures. Alcoholism, geographical distance, and a military coup come between the lovers, but their intimate connection spans decades and forever impacts the life and work of these two extraordinary artists. The attraction of two polar-opposite women has rarely been so volatile and charged on the big screen.

Oliveira and directed by Bruno Barreto. Based on the book of the same name by Sarah Waters, Affinity is the story of unmarried upper-class women, Margaret Prior, who start visiting the Millbank Prison in Victorian-era England. As she peers through a flap in a cell door, she sees a young woman with a flower, and she is reminded of a Carlo Crivelli painting. Of all the prisoners, she is most fascinated by this woman, whom she learns to be Selina Dawes, a medium of spirits.

A Mexican movie directed by Dylan Verrechia, and written by Aidee Gonzalez and Dylan Verrechia. Based on the true story of Aidee Gonzalez, a mother determined to raise her children with her partner in the Mexican border town of Tecate.

A woman searching for the perfect man instead discovers the perfect woman in this romantic comedy. One day, Jessica is scanning personal ads in the newspaper with her friends, and she sees one with a quote from her favorite poet. Jessica reads on to discover that she has a lot in common with the person who placed the ad - too much so, since it turns out the notice is from a woman, Helen Cooper Heather Juergensenwho manages an art gallery.

Jessica figures it would at least be nice to hang out with someone who shares her interests, and she gives Helen a call. Jessica and Helen quickly strike up a close friendship that evolves into something more intimate, though neither of them has ever been involved with another woman and Helen is a bit more avid about her new romantic horizons than Jessica.

Written and directed by Maria Maggneti. When her inability to commit leads to a breakup with her girlfriend Julianne Nicholsonopera-loving writer Allegra Elizabeth Reaser winds up in the bed of amiable professor Philip Gretn Mol.

He is so smitten with Allegra that he dumps his lover, Grace Justin Kirkand convinces Allegra to continue their affair. When Allegra meets Grace, sparks fly, and she begins a parallel romance, unaware that her new lover is the woman Philip left to be with her.

It is a story about living, loving, and letting go. Hannah and Ral grew up as little girls in the same small Midwest town, where traditional gender expectations eventually challenged their deep love for one another. Weaving back and forth between past and present, the film reveals how the women maintained their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelities, and family denial. Buy DVD on Amazon. Canadian Golden Globe awarded lesbian movie based on the D.

Headstrong Ellen Anne Heywood and her more demure lesbian lover, Jill Sandy Dennispass their time together on an isolated farm in rural Canada. While Jill longs for nothing more than spending her life with Ellen, Ellen is becoming discontented with their relationship. Taiwanese movie directed by Zero Chou. Far different from the tantalizing Spider Lilies, Drifting Flowers is a mood piece and a simple take on the ever-so-fashionable multiple-thread storyline.

The film follows three branching storylines about lesbian characters, each examining a different kind of love. An Asian-American woman and her mother both find their private lives are becoming a family matter in this romantic comedy-drama.

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Wilhelmina Pang Mille Krusiec is a surgeon living in Manhattan whose mother Joan n is eager for her to settle down with a nice man and get married. As it happens, Wilhelmina is looking for someone special in her life and thinks she may have found her in Vivian Lynn na beautiful dancer, but a fear of commitment and a desire to keep her medical career on track is making their relationship problematic.

Saving Face was the first feature film from writer and director Alice Wu. Two teenage girls with parallel lives but coming from different socio-economic backgrounds meet one summer to discover friendship and romantic awakening. A Finish movie from directed by Aleksi Salmenpera. Venla Minna Haapkyla and Antero Kari-Pekka Toivonen are a couple who have been together for years but have yet to try for a child. In fact, Antero goes as far as undergoing a vasectomy and keeps it from Venla. Determined to become pregnant, Venla goes to a female fertility doctor, Satu Minttu Mustakallioand eventually falls in love with her.

The first part of an experimental History Trilogy directed by Barbara Hammer. Nitrate Kisses combines interviews with four same-gender couples. Hammer unveils an invisible history contextualized in relation to the romantic behavior of gays and lesbians of her time. Part of the film focuses on the story of American novelist Willa Cather, who destroyed many personal letters and papers before her death; the film argues that Cather was covering up evidence of lesbianism.

Another section of the movie explores the treatment of lesbians by the Third Reich. An autobiographical documentary film directed by American experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer. It is the second of a trilogy of documentary films that includes Nitrate Kisses and History Lessons. The film was nominated for a prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Tender Fictions by Barbara Hammer from barbara hammer on Vimeo. In this wonderfully irreverent yet empowering film, Barbara Hammer traces lesbian history by presenting an extraordinary array of archival footage - and then playfully manipulates it to make it seem as though lesbians were everywhere.

Watch Trailer: History Lessons from barbara hammer on Vimeo. A German movie from directed and written by Nana Neul. An assured, mature piece of work that draws heartfelt performances from its leads, My Friend From Faro marks Neul as a talent to watch.

Things change when the beautiful Jenny literally crashes into her life when Mel nearly runs her over in her classic BMW.

It is love at first sight, however, there is just one problem: Jenny mistakenly assumes Mel to be a boy. Despite this, the pair become boyfriends and girlfriend. With Mel attempting to disguise her true gender at every turn, her journey from tomboy to out lesbian is fraught with life-defining dilemmas and sweet surprises. Written and directed by Israle Cardenas and Laura Amelia Guzman.

An older European woman becomes enchanted with a young Dominican woman who must struggle to make ends meet. Love brings a flow of entanglement in a drama that unfolds like palm trees in an irresistible storm.

An American independent comedy film written and directed by Madeleine Olnek. It parodies lesbian culture and low-budget American s science-fiction films in the style of Ed Wood. The film is about three lesbian space aliens that come to Earth. Once on Earth, one of the space aliens, Zoinx, falls in love with an employee at a greeting card store named Jane. Margaret is a down-on-her-luck lesbian hooker in training. Directed and produced by Ramin Goudarzi Nejad and Mahshad Torkan. Kiana Firouz, an Iranian lesbian who had left Iran to avoid getting arrested, meets Sayeh, a journalist and activist focused on Iranian human rights issues in the United Kingdom.

Sayeh tries to collect information about the controversial subject of Iranian LGBTQ lives from Kiana, who had formerly tried to make an underground documentary about the suffering of lesbians in Iran. The story develops the relationship between Kiana and Sayeh against the background of recent uprisings in Iran and the series of incidents that led Kiana to collaborate with the opposition and eventually resulted in her claim of asylum in the United Kiana Firouz, an Iranian lesbian who had left Iran to avoid of getting arrested, meets Sayeh, a journalist and activist United Kingdom.

Canadian lesbian movie directed by Percy Aldon Roswitha Rosel Zecha lonely immigrant, works in the library of a small Alaskan town. When ill-mannered, ambiguous Eskimo Kotzebue k.

lang rudely disrupts her work, Roswitha refuses to help the strange woman researching her family history. Unlikely friendship blooms after the two strangers discover they share a love of the salmonberry, a wild Alaskan fruit similar to the raspberry.

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An Israeli movie from directed by Avi Nesher. In The Secrets, two brilliant young women discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out. Naomi, the studious, devoutly religious daughter of a prominent rabbi, convinces her father to postpone her marriage for a year so that she might study at a Jewish seminary for women in the ancient Kabalistic seat of Safed.

When the pair encounters a mysterious, ailing foreigner with a disturbing past named Anouk the iconic French actress Fanny Ardant they begin a risky journey into forbidden realms. In the hopes of easing her suffering, Naomi and Mille secretly lead Anouk through a series of Kabalistic cleansing rituals. The process opens up overwhelming new horizons for the girls who find themselves caught between the rigid male establishment they grew up in, and the desire to be true to themselves, no matter the cost.

A French movie based on the novel written by Regine Deforges and directed by Christine Lipinska. The time of summer, a girl Virginia will know the ideal love through that of three of his friends, Anne, Maurice, and Jacques. She keeps a diary that is stolen by a young man who loves her although she is in a lesbian relationship. Watch on Vimeo: Le Cahier Vole un film de Christine Lipinska from YG Productions on Vimeo.

A German movie. A former piano prodigy whose abusive childhood prompted her to neglect her natural gift for music in the name of survival, Jenny is a violent offender whose notorious temper has, as an adult, repeatedly landed her behind bars.

Though she does still display considerable talent on the ivory, her decidedly antisocial behavior compelled the troubled prisoner to repeatedly sabotage opportunities to take part in recitals that would, at the very least, provide a momentary respite from her grim day-to-day existence.

Directed by Dee Rees.

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Set in early 18th century England during the war with the French. When a new servant Abigail Masham Emma Stone arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah. Sarah takes Abigail under her wing and Abigail sees a chance at a return to her aristocratic roots. Their burgeoning friendship gives her a chance to fulfill her ambitions and she will not let woman, man, politics, or rabbits stand in her way. Watch the YouTube Trailer. Jackie, a year-old child star, leaves her Californian roots behind in a bid to gain a sense of normality and independence after her long-running TV show is suddenly canceled.

During her first days at a mid-west college, Jackie meets the gorgeous Catherine Stark, a mysterious tear with an infamous lady-killer reputation. In spite of warnings, Jackie quickly falls for her tear s seductive charm and the two outsiders begin an intensely passionate relationship.

This multi-award-winning and undeniably feisty drama is set to be a sure-fire staple in modern lesbian cinema. A British movie directed and co-written by Pawel Pawlikowski. When upper-class Tamsin Emily Blunt meets working-class Mona Natalie Press they are immediately drawn to each other. Although coming from different worlds, the two find common ground in their dysfunctional family lives.

To seal their friendship, Mona introduces Tamsin to her born-again Christian brother Paddy Considineand Mona helps Tamsin spy on her adulterous father. Bound together by their secrets, Tamsin and Mona see their friendship deepens and enters into dangerous waters. View trailer on YouTube. An Iranian teenager Nikohl Boosheri enters a lesbian relationship, while her brother Reza Sixo Safai becomes dangerously obsessed with Islamic fundamentalism. A Swedish movie directed by Andre Semenza and Fernanda Lippi.

A rhythmically captivating exploration of love and loss at the fin-de-siecle. An amorous relationship between two women abruptly cut short. Dissolving under the impact of the loss of her soul mate, the surviving lover is drawn into the depths of mid-winter forests, into spheres of the subconscious, initiated by unknown forces.

A hilariously esy satirical romantic-comedy directed by Jamie Babbit. Megan soon comes to embrace her orientation once she has arrived at the True Directions camp, and despite the expensive therapy, she falls in love with Graham Clea DuVall.

RuPaul stars as the Camp leader. It was inspired by an article about conversion therapy and her childhood familiarity with rehabilitation programs. After breaking up with her enigmatic girlfriend Antonia, year-old English Literature tear Julia is thrown into a desperate, painful situation. Her life and values have been tinged with unbearable melancholy and her thoughts seem to be reduced to out-of-focus fragments of her memories.

Her inner turmoil makes it difficult to adapt to a new life. But throughout this process, she finds new friends like Helena, who also struggles with the experience of loss in her life. Sharing the same experience of pain and solicitude the two women become closer. Set in the s in a strict elite British boarding school.

Miss G. Eva Greenan enigmatic diving instructor, becomes obsessed with Spanish pupil, Fiamma Maria Valverde making Di Juno Temple terribly jealous, leading the movie to a tragic ending. Evelyn studies butterflies and moths and the story centers on her testing the limits of her relationship with her lesbian lover.

A French drama film written and directed by Celine Sciamma. The story follows a year-old tomboy, Laure, who moves during the summer holiday with her family to a new neighborhood. At that time of life, when everything is still open, she experiments with her gender identity.

The film opened to positive reviews, with critics praising the directing and the performers, particularly Zoe Heran as the lead. A French and Canadian movie, with the background set in China. The two secretly engage in a romantically charged relationship that blossoms into true love. When the son discovers that his new bride has been intimate before their wedding night, tragedy ensues.

A French-Belgian biographical drama film written and directed by Martin Provost, about the French novelist Violette Leduc, author of Therese and Isabelle.

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Violette Leduc, born a bastard at the beginning of the last century, meets Simone de Beauvoir in the years after the war in St-Germain-des-Pres. An intense relationship begins between the two women that will last throughout their lives. Randy Dean Laurel Hollomana boyish lesbian who works at a gas station, has trouble performing in high school and is treated badly by bigoted locals because of her identity. But when their friendship blossoms into a romance, the two find themselves struggling with the intricacies and pitfalls of discovering love and having to reveal their relationship to friends and family.

A South Korean psychological thriller film directed by legendary Park Chan-wook and starring Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, and Kim Tae-Ri. Directed and written Robert Towne. Young sprinter Chris Cahill Mariel Hemingway is having difficulty reaching her potential as an athlete until she meets established track star Tory Skinner Patrice Donnelly. At first, the two women form a friendship as Tory and her coach Scott Glenn help Chris with her training. Gradually, Tory and Chris start having an intimate relationship and become very close.

Assigned to root out lesbians in the British military, a soldier turns from hunter to prey Helen Baxendale stars as Caroline Meagher, who in the s was an up-and-coming staff sergeant in the Royal Military Police. Caroline eagerly accepts a plum assignment with the Special Investigative Branch.

Based on a true story, this stirring drama tells a shocking tale of intolerance, of private lives, invaded and careers destroyed-all carried out in the name of justice when the only crime is love. Watch on YouTube in parts. Based on the historical fiction novel by Sarah Waters, the Night Watch movie was released by the BBC in In post-war London Viv Pearce, seeing married spiv Reggie runs a dating bureau with Helen Giniver, who lives with her older lover, authoress Julia Standing.

Viv had an illegal abortion, funded by Reggie, and, after she needed hospital treatment, Kay saved her from prosecution by claiming she was a married woman who had miscarried. Three years earlier Kay and Julia are still an item and Viv meets unhappily married soldier Reggie on a train. Kay pulls Helen from the wreckage of a bombed house whilst we learn why Duncan was in prison following a suicide pact with the boy he loved.

As the scene returns to there are happier endings for some, not for others but there is still optimism. Set in New York City spanning six or seven months, Greg Daniel Carlisle has just moved in with his girlfriend Molly Emily Peck. During their first night out since moving in together, Greg and Molly go out for drinks and a meal at a local bar called The Four-Faced Liar. There, they meet Trip Todd Kubrakhis girlfriend Chloe Liz Osbornand his lesbian friend Bridget Marja Lewis Ryan.

Molly and Bridget bond as they discuss Wuthering Heights and relationships. Molly tells Bridget that she has everything in common with her boyfriend, but Greg lacks passion. Bridget is in fact flatmates with Trip where they always get up at the same time every morning and they both brush their teeth together while standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Short movie by Tucky Williams. The greatest love story of all time, retold with a lesbian twist. A British drama romance comedy film, directed by Pratibha Parmar. A German movie fromremade in starring Romy Schneider and Lilli Palmer. After the death of her mother, teenager Manuela Hertha Thiele is sent off to boarding school run by the autocratic Fraulein von Nordeck Emilia Unda. Initially withdrawn from the other girls due to her grief and anger at being sent away, Manuela is brought out of her shell by the beautiful and sympathetic young tear Elizabeth von Bernburg Dorothea Wieck.

Watch the FULL MOVIE on YouTube for free! An Argentine drama film directed by Lucia Puenzo. Lala Ines Efron a girl from a well-off Argentinian family is in love with Ailin Mariela Vitale who has worked as a maid for her family since she was Sam Tom Cavanagh and Gray Heather Graham are such a well-matd pair that it is difficult to believe they are brother and sister rather than husband and wife.

They both share a love of s movies and dancing, and when they meet Charlie Bridget Moynahanthey have something else in common: They both fall in love with her. Sam must deal with unexpected feelings of jealousy, while Gray struggles to come to terms with her orientation.

In her family moved to the US and in she became a US citizen. She married and had four sons, but the marriage was not going well; it ended with a divorce in She joined the US Army and later transferred to the National Guard in Washington State in order to be closer to her sons.

She served as a nurse in various locations for more than twenty years, reaching the rank of a colonel. In she met Diane Divelbess, an artist and a professor of art, who became her partner in life. Induring an interview for a promotion, she stated that she was a lesbian. That was when her troubles began.

The official position of the army was that she could no longer serve. However, her superiors did not want to lose her. They suggested that she should recant, i. I have to be honest, even if it will get me into trouble. An army is a place where you follow orders, but after thinking about it and after talking with those who were close to her, she decided that she was not going to follow this order.

She decided to fight back. This movie is the story of her life, her career, and her fight for her right to continue serving in the army. An Indian movie fromwritten and directed by Ligy J. Kiran Suhasini V. Nair is mortified by her growing lesbian desire for the effervescent Delilah Shrruiti Menon.

They live in an idyllic Indian village where arranged marriage is the only acceptable form of coupling. A Canadian drama movie directed by Patricia Rozema. The story of Camille, who works at an uptight Protestant college as a professor of mythology. She has been going out with career theologian Martin for three years, but it appears her real true love is her dog, Bob. Bob dies in a tragic car accident and poor Camille is devastated. She is so upset that she grabs the wrong clothes from the laundromat.

The clothes belong to the beautifully predatory Petra. Camille demurs. Petra begins following her and gets to kiss her in the lobby. Eventually, the persistent Petra succeeds, and the two become lovers.

Nathalie and Louise are childhood friends and while studying Drama at University, Louise becomes hopelessly obsessed with her friend. Later, Louise marries, and after 10 years she meets the now accomplished actress, Nathalie. La Repetition follows their journey as their friendship comes together and breaks up again. Chinese movie directed by Yan Yan Mak. Flavia is a thirtysomething married tear. She has suppressed the memory of her adolescent lesbian fling with Jin and is stuck in a stifling marriage.

A chance encounter in a supermarket with the playful and seductive singer Yip reawakens dormant feelings and she begins to think back on her teenage affair with Jin. Pauline and Juliet find they share the same tastes in art, literature, and music especially the vocal stylings of Mario Lanzaand together they begin to construct an elaborate fantasy world named Borovnia, which exists first in stories and then in models made of clay. The more Pauline and Juliet dream of Borovnia, the more the two find themselves retreating into this fantastical world of art, adventure, and Gothic romance as they slowly drift away from reality.

A Canadian-American independent award-winning romantic film directed by Lisa Cholodenko. High Art paints a startlingly real picture of the nature of an all-consuming bond between women, and the effect the haze of drugs and scourge of infidelity can have on that connection. Reluctantly, Mia agrees to a weekend getaway on the island of Fyn, Denmark, with Frida and Elizabeth. While out walking in the woods one night, Mia boldly kisses Frida leading to an amorous embrace.

Frida is ready and willing to reciprocate and is soon feverishly intimate for the first time. With the weekend over, Mia must return to Stockholm and her life with Tim, and Frida returns to her life partner Elin Josefine Tengblad.

Both women find it hard to put the intimacy they shared behind them.

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However, neither woman is unable to forget about their secret passionate time they spent and Mia is left to decide whether to suppress her romantic feelings for Frida and go on with her wedding plans, or break off her engagement to Tim and pursue a new life with Frida. A chance meeting leads to Mia and Frida escaping into the windswept Swedish countryside where they shed their inhibitions once more and, in the process, fall deeply in love. Will they have a future together or will their attraction to each other bring everything in their perfect lives to a halt?

A French movie directed and written by Sylvie Verheyde. A woman caught in a comfortable but lifeless marriage gets a wake-up call that threatens to dismantle her entire existence in this intense drama starring Raffaela Anderson and Anthony Delon. While attending a party with her husband, Jeanne makes the acquaintance of a professional dancer named Marie. As Jeanne and Marie form a close-knit bond and Jeanne begins taking private dance lessons from Marie, she soon begins to get back in touch with her body and realize her inner desires.

When Marie reveals that she is attracted to Jeanne, Jeanne quickly realizes that she too is attracted to Marie, and is slowly falling in love with her. The story focuses on Lucia who is in a four-year marriage with Adrian, a banker by profession who is emotionally distant.

Lucia finds out about the death of her brother Andres on what was supposed to be his wedding day. Because of the estranged relationship between the siblings, Lucia is the last family member to find out about the death. While mourning, Lucia visits his apartment, where she encounters his fiancee, Mariana, who is also grieving. They develop a bond, in which they promise to look after one another while upholding their memories of Andres; as the women spend time together, they develop deeper feelings for each other which eventually becomes romantic.

Andi and Lu are excited to celebrate their upcoming wedding with a joint balorette weekend in wine country. A Swedish movie directed by Lukas Moodysson Teens Elin Alexandra Dahlstrom and Agnes Rebecca Liljeberg are schoolmates. Elin is upbeat and popular, while Agnes is morose and friendless. Both girls are very frustrated with life. Elin dreams of fleeing their dull Swedish town Amal. Agnes dreams of Elin. But when Elin kisses Agnes on a cruel dare, it leads to an apology, a growing closeness between the girls, and a plan to solve the problems of both.

A German movie directed and written by great Rainer Werner Fassbinder. This tale of intermingled love and hate is directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and is the 1th of the films he made in his short life. Petra Von Kant Margit Carstensen is a fashion designer. Some time ago, she divorced the husband she no longer loved. When she develops an obsession with her fashion model, however, things become far more complicated.

Political repression in Hungary, just after the revolution of Inthe body of Eva Szalanczky, a political journalist, is discovered near the border. In a flashback to the year before, we see what leads up to the tragedy. Eva gets a job as a writer. She meets Livia and is attracted to her. Livia feels much the same, but as a married woman has doubts and hesitations. In their work, they and Eva in particular bang up against the limits of telling political truths; in private, they confront the limits of living out emotional truth.

Croatian movie directed by Dalibor Matanic Iva and Marija, who are a lesbian couple, rent an apartment in Zagreb in a building that seems to a safe environment for their love. But as time passes by, the atmosphere in the house gets more and more aggressive.

Elder Olga is dominating the house.

are mistaken

Other tenants include her calm husband and her grown-up son Daniel who has a crush on Ivanight worker Lidija, an abused housewife, a widower keeping the corpse of his newly deceased wife and an ex-soldier who regularly plays martial music at night.

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