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View original post. Send help. One of my favorite ways to waste time on that time-sucker of a website is to search for a random keyword and gauge the variety of results. This is an interesting way to pin down - pun so intended - what other people think is attractive, or desirable, or simply what defines a certain term. Not surprisingly, the result list includes quite a variety of images. These latter examples are typically posted on fashion-related boards such as Styles I Love or My Style Pinboard, which means that many young, Pinterest-reliant women are inspired to dress themselves using the visual cues that constitute librarianship. The nerdy, librarian chic look is one of the things that makes the stereotypical librarian figure stand out in popular culture.

Whether the portrayal is of the dowdy version or the closet sexpot, advertisers are banking on the perception of the image of the librarian to sell their wares.

The various librarian stereotypes are so recognizable, they need little introduction or explanation, making them perfect fodder for magazine spreads or second television spots.

Sexy librarian gif

As long as you make your audience connect with something - usually a desire - chances are they will want to buy it. Librarians are therefore used in a variety of ways: sometimes they are stealthily sexy, attractive and desirable, which means that if you - the consumer - get that thing that makes the librarian sexy, attractive, etc.

Loves new ideas. Dowdy, bun-wearing, shushing old lady librarians with a penchant for picking on noisy patrons.

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Old fashioned, the opposite of desirable, and completely unapproachable. Even if such a character is present in an ad for two seconds, the effect is profound: librarians are bad news, and you should do anything in your power to not piss them off.


This is of course an inverse of the two previous ads, in which a librarian is not sexy - but a hunk of plastic is. What other librarian adverts or commercials can you think of?

Feel free to post links in the comments! Google Image Search is a wonderful thing.

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As with all things Google, even if you enter in the most broad search term it will try to help you narrow your subject. And there we have it: three of the most enduring stereotypes for the librarian character in pop culture.

Crones, meanies and sex kittens. While there may be some overlap between the first and second stereotype, the latter is perhaps in a league of its own.

Of course, one does not to be employed professionally as a librarian in order to be saddled with this stereotype; both the Scary Librarian and the Hot Librarian have rather extensive pages at TV Tropes, which include non-librarian characters who behave in rather stereotypical librarian ways. Therefore a Hot Librarian has to do with the transformation - whether it be real or imagined. When Evie from The Mummy gets her makeover - forgoing her glasses for a lacy veil and black eyeliner - she instantly goes from dowdy spinster to smoking hot.

Latent attraction is what causes the male lead to do a double take and reconsider the female costar as a possible mate. Alcohol also helps! Freaking Ladybugs? Just think, all that beauty has been hiding under the surface, and the only thing to draw it out is the need for a boyfriend. Evelyn: Look, I I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. Rick: And what is that?

Jan 11, - Explore rmwebb20's board "Sexy Librarian", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Book worms, I love books, Love book. Sexy Librarian Collection by Ral Webb. Pins Followers. Follow. Shakespeare Insults Shakespeare Quotes William Shakespeare Shakespeare History The Words Fun Words To Say Writing Tips Writing Prompts Funny Memes. The With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Sexy Librarians animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now > With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Librarian animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >

Evelyn: I am a librarian. Ah, The Mummy! But man, do librarians love The Mummyif only because it gave us one of the best quotes re: librarianship in the history of all things ever.

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The Mummy came out inand you can watch the trailer here. What started off as a remake of the classic horror film starring Boris Karloff became a blockbuster. Funny how things evolve, am I right? Oh, but Evie! Gone are the glasses and mussed up hair piled on top of her head; hello, hottie librarian!

Evie as a character grows in the expected ways: mousy librarian is mousy; mousy librarian is not so mousy? More pictures, and maybe an interview, coming soon. Thanks, Libraryplanet, for doing the right thing. Fun map stuff from the Yale Cartographical library. Who was surfing the Yale library site yesterday?

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I came across this nice dissection of ALA's licensing termsand unreasonableness of same. I sat there in the dark trying to read the titles and thinking to myself, 'damn, I'll have to remember to bring my flashlight next time! Presidential library humor. I had linked to Library Planet's open source list without realizing it was a direct rip off of Daniel's projects page.

See a recent post on from @ilovebookx about sexy librarian. Discover more posts about sexy librarian. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. ilovebookx. Follow. sexy librarian with glasses. #sexy librarian #reading #book. 6 notes. love-nuclear-babes. Follow. Feeling Myself (but this is See a recent post on from @tourdesyeux about sexy-librarian. Discover more posts about sexy-librarian. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. tourdesyeux. Follow. #legs #girl #skirt #sexy librarian #librarian #books #sexy. 1, notes. koov. Follow. #sexy librarian. notes. tinytimeladyy. Follow. #sexy librarian #librarian #coverall #ootd #outfit of the day #fashion # fashion #my Hope you are enjoying our collection of Boob Gifs. Boob Animated Gif. These ladies are driving us up a wall. So, have fun looking. Boob Gifs. We've heard women's breasts described as works of art. Well, it's true. Just visit your local art museum. Showing Boobs Gif. We just can't stop staring at these animated Gifs, right? Well, keep going. Boobs Out Gif. Stop it. They're not going

I mean, nice of them to credit him, but they just swiped the page wholesale. Comments can go to Library Planet at this address librarian libraryplanet.

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Yes, I am aware my comment form seems to broken. Heads will roll. In the meantime, you can mail me at any address at librarian.

Search, discover and share your favorite Librarian GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. librarian GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest # library # librarian # melly lee # amanda suk # passing the book # dancing # dancer # librarian # melly lee # amanda suk # television # batman # comics # 60s # dc comics # funny # tv # comedy # books # cbc # reaction # women # look # book # funny # comedy # angry   Librarians are therefore used in a variety of ways: sometimes they are stealthily sexy, attractive and desirable, which means that if you - the consumer - get that thing that makes the librarian sexy, attractive, etc., you will become like them - or better yet, you'll attract these secret sexpots. s ad. "Loves books. Loves new Books are sexy and the lovely librarian is so sexy with her stockings and garter belt and her very sexy polka dot dress ?????? #lingerie #sexy cute #sexy as fuck #lovely #librarian #sexy librarian. 1 notes. sissylaure. Follow. Books are sexy librarians are so sexy too. Something to love browsing libraries, books and librarians ?????? #lovely #sexy cute #sexy as fuck #sexy

Can you say pseudodictionary three times fast? How about napsturbation? Library of the Year?

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Submit your nominations. net gets mentioned in my alumni rag. Please note they were not called The ISchool when I was there Even Consumer Reports finds fault with filters.

Anyone have a transcript handy? Historical approach to some copyright issues.

Is copyright about a system of incentives or a sacred national right? Solution: quit having the sale.

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Librarians hold pajama party. No, it's not what you think. New rule: Manstes wants their library director position to require an MLIS. What about the current director who doesn't have one?

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Technology makes old scrolls readable. Now if they could only do the same thing for the New York Times Free trial ends tomorrow. I pity the reporter who gets the spelling bee assignment. Other professions also have a Right to Read statement. libraries over at Slashdot. They use technology to manage knowledge. And winning? No more links today.

I'm going to work on making the link page something to be proud of instead. Got anything you think I should add?

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